Dash 3.0 Installation

1. Disconnect battery...obvious but critical.
2. Remove rear view mirror...trust me, you don't want to be hitting your head on that thing.
3. Remove steering wheel...if stuck, loosen nut, soak with penetrating oil, pull on the hub, smack it nut with a    hammer. It really really works! Remove steering column clamp.
4. Remove crash pad and center console.
5. Remove all mounting hardware.
6. Slide the dash back.
7. Except for the tach and speedo, remove each gauge one at a time and re-attach the wires as you go. Makes installation a breeze. I've done it twice this way with no ill effects.

Installation is the reverse and incredibly tedious. Short of removing the windshield, a suitable mirror helps a lot (see tools below)

Tip: Remove the speedo first, then the idiot lights and the tach. At this point, the dash can be laid back for better access to the rest of the components. Install the binnacle components last.

I still need to tweak the crash pad. But the darned thing is in and I didn't break, scratch or deface anything. No blood was spilled and very little profanity was used. All the the components work and dash lights work. All in all, I'm very pleased with the results. To go from an idea to a finished product feels good.

Here are some photos of the process. Click to enlarge.

thinst1.jpg thinst2.jpg thinst3.jpg
Out with the old.             Some see spaghetti. I see Medusa's head.
thinst4.jpg thinst5.jpg thinst6.jpg
Trim strips rebuilt with closed cell foam cost $3 for 1'X4'X1/2" sheet from Tap Plastics.
thinst7.jpg thinst8.jpg thinst9.jpg
Detail shot.                                 Getting there.
thinst10.jpg thinst11.jpg thinst12.jpg
thinst13.jpg thinst14.jpg
thinstools.jpg                                    thinstbanda.jpg
Tools and mirrored acrilyc plastic. Before and after. It even looks better in person. I think I'll quit while I'm ahead.