Brake Line Fix

A few years ago, I found that my brake pedal would go to the floor. No brake fluid pressure. I found no leaks in the usual places. I was about to pull the master cylinder. I've done it before and it is no fun.
I had the tools out for the job when I saw a puddle of brake fluid, dead center under the car. First time I was ever glad to see a leak. No need to pull the MC.
It turned out to be the rear brake line running between the right and left side.
 thblfx1.jpg  thblfx2.jpg
This line is sandwiched between the frame and the body. It cannot be replaced without removing the body!
So, I choose to route a line from the 3 way union straight across to the other side.
thblfx3.jpg  thblfx4.jpg  thblfx5.jpg 

It is mission critical to use the correct fittings. I used a pre-made British line (bent by me) and a Spitfire
3 way union. All the parts are very inexpensive.

I ran the flexible brake hose directly to the 3 way union and plugged the third opening.
thblfx6.jpg  thblfx7.jpg

It may not be pretty, but it works great and no leaks. Also now, the brake cylinder can "float" in it's
mounting (click here).

I also weatherstripped the leading area of the rear deck lid to help keep out water.