Removing the crash pad
and dash are not for the
faint of heart.  My CP was
so rotted that it came out
in chunks without having
to remove the
windshield or vent

As for removing the
dash, I removed one
gauge at a time and
reconnected the wires.

I live near a place called
Tap Plastics
( They
have all the stuff I used.
E6000 is a black goopy
adhesive to permanently
(I hope) bond ABS to

The leading edge of my
crash pad tucks under
the windshield
cn4  cn5

cn6  cn7

A stock replacement Europa crash pad (the thing that covers the top of the dashboard) costs over $300.
This dash top cost $11.74.
one sheet of ABS plastic 4'x4'x1/32"                 
one L shaped plastic part 3/4"x3/4"x4'
one edge poster frame 36" $0 (salvaged)
one edge poster frame cut to 1'(salvaged)
auto vacuum hose 2' (salvaged)

The main section is made of two layers of 1/32" ABS. It can easily be cut with a pair of (not your wife's) scissors or a box cutter.The trailing edge is finished with poster frame edging. It's wedged in place by inserting three 1"x2" pieces of the ABS every few inches giving a 5/32" thickness.

The vent holes are trimmed with vacuum hose. The L shaped piece is glued to the bottom of the main section and sandwiched between the wood dash and the cars body.  This is the only glue used. I don't know how this will hold up to extreme heat. It may melt. But all the elements are free to
expand and contract on their own, so it should not warp.
..much. (Update, after four years the dash top is holding up great.)

I find the results to be more in tune with the lines and spirit of the Europa. The stock replacement being a bit overstated in my opinion. Also I'm cheap.

As you can see, it didn't come out too badly. Still have some final touches to make to the
corners. When I did the facia, I didn't expect the ABS and the adhesive to be so reactive and didn't use enough
weight to press it all together while it was curing. Hence it came out a little bumpy.

But since this is "Rat Ropa", this dash and crashpad goes with my dirt cheap, no nonsense theme (I should have used 3M Automotive Upholstery contact cement spray). And having the opportunity to clean all the connections and grounds and replace the heater to vent hoses and disassemble and clean the gauge faces and install new warning light lenses, was very rewarding. New binnacle, glove box, demister hoses and lights were from RD Enterprises.
Would I do it again? Maybe it's like childbirth, after you forget the pain and see the
outcome...yeah I'd do it again.

UPDATE...Yeah, I did it again. See Dash 3.0.