Emergency Brake
Warning Light
From the factory, this Europa came with a DOT/MOT mandated Sovy switch (see photo below). It's basically a tank with a float that sits atop the brake fluid reservoir. If the fluid level drops, the float activates a switch that turns on a bright red warning light on the dash.

Well, the tank looks like it was bodged together on short notice. It leaks. And it allows very little clearance with the
heater fan. So, I've removed the Sovy from the car and wired the warning light to a switch on the emergency brake mechanism to warn me if the e-brake is engaged when the ignition is switched on.

The photos below are self-explanatory.  I had the micro switch laying around. They only cost a couple bucks. The other bit was made from scrap ABS plastic.

thebl1.jpg  thebl2.jpg  thebl3.jpg  thebl4.jpg

           thebl5.jpg  thebl6.jpg  thebl7.jpg

Yeah I know, time to tart up the e-brake.

As a perfectly good idiot, I hated to see perfectly good idiot light go to waste.