(almost) glueless
  Everyone knows, if you are going to redo your interior, DO THE HEADLINER FIRST. Well, I had no intention of completely redoing my interior. The project started out innocently enough. Just spruce up a few bits. The dash, crash pad, center console.

 But, by the time I was done, I had redone everything. Except the headliner. Well, no one ever really sees the headliner in a Europa unless they make a great effort. But, I figured since I had come so far with the interior, I would think about the headliner. Specifically, how to install one without defacing the work I had already done. I mean, messing around with glue in my pretty interior was risky, to say the least.

  I thought about this problem for about six months. Long story short...I considered magnetism. I had already used rare earth magnets on other non-Europa projects. They are awesome. The material I was planning to use was a very lightweight universal trunk liner. Now I just needed some ferrous material I could safely glue to the ceiling.

  For some reason, I save old hack saw blades...don't ask why. I broke them into 15 two inch lengths. Glued them to the ceiling at regular intervals, did a rough cut of the trunk liner, laid it up to the ceiling and used the magnets to hold it in place. Then I marked the headliner with chalk to do the final cut.

  So, the headliner is held in place by the magnets. I was even able to cover the exposed sides of the magnets with trunk liner material.

  Of course if anyone lays their smart phone on my roof it could be damaged. I guess I should post a warning. Mmm, maybe a pace maker warning too. See photos below.
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Rare Earth magnets, 1/2"x1/8" 15ea from LeeValley.com......$15
Universal Trunk Liner 3'x6' from local auto parts store..........$12
Cyanoacrylate adhesive
..................always on hand
Used hack saw blades
...read "Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance"

Note: I held the hack saw blade bits in place while the glue was drying by placing a magnet on the roof. Once the glue was dry I removed the magnet.

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