Horn Button Makeover
  The horn button on my Europa works fine. But the face plastic has crazed. I've never seen a replacement for the silver on black
logoed horn button. But...there is a company in the UK that makes custom logos at a very reasonable price. Heko.co.uk can produce an appropriate plastic logo for about $13 US.

  They come with an adhesive backing but are flexible (to accommodate curved surfaces). Therefore, to make this item work as a horn button face, you need to make a rigid backing plate.

  The original button is cast so as to keep the conical copper contact centered and a proper distance away from the other contact.
So, whatever you make for a backing plate must be very thin and stiff. Like really stiff. My solution is as follows.

  I cut a disc out of ABS plastic. This stuff is 40/1000ths" thick...and very flexible. I then exploited the stiffness of the conical copper contact by stuffing aluminum foil into it's cone. Now
when I press on the ABS disc, it does not flex. And the contacts still have a suitable gap between them.

  Notes..1. the horn button unit comes apart by prying up the three retaining tabs with a small screwdriver.
            2. the ABS disc is cut to the same diameter as the original logoed piece.
            3. the locating slot in the disc can be made a bit oversized in case you attach the new face a bit askew. Once in place
                you can rotate the disc a bit.
            4. press the new face in place after everything else has been assembled and the unit is back in the steeriing wheel. Make sure you can feel the gap between the contacts.
            5. using the Heko online design tool, set the diameter to 39mm and set the logo value to 83. See photo below.

          6. Free Heko shipping (RM, UK to CA takes about 10 days. Paypal payment only. Heko customer service very limited.

Parts and stuff...
   Logo $13 plus shipping  http://www.heko.co.uk/
   ABS sheet 2'x4' $8       http://tapplastics.com

thhb1.jpg thhb2.jpg thhb3.jpg
thhb4.jpg thhb5.jpg   before thhb6.jpg    after thhb11.jpg

thhb7.jpg thhb8.jpg  thhb9.jpg