They say every journey begins with a first step.

It all started with the gear shift knob. The interior of 54/1852 was looking pretty shabby.


 I figured the least I could do was
put on a better looking shift knob. So I took my favorite old
knob and glued a black and silver Lotus badge to it, matching
my horn button.

Now the knob made the shift boot look bad. The new boot made
the center console look bad.

The new center console ($145 from made the dash and crash pad look bad
so...I fabricated a new crash pad ($12 in material) and covered
the dash with black ABS plastic. (Update 4/2011. I was not happy with the way the dash turned out. See Dash 3.0) Now the seats really looked bad.
cint  dint


With some cheap fabric seat covers, a bit of foam and naugahyde,
the seats didn't look too bad. But the carpeting looked awfull.

fint  gint

The local hardware store had a 6' X8' roll of outdoor carpeting for
$ the door panels needed to be reskinned.

With some left over naugahyde and carpeting the door panels looked
good and matched the rest of the interior.
Update 5/2011; Unable to leave well enough alone, I applied a strip of Flex Chrome to the door panels as an accent element. Flex Chrome is great. You can bend, shape and grind it. See below.

thint2a thint2b thint2c

If I had knowen that fixing up the shift knob would result in a whole new
interior, I may have had second thoughts. All in all, it's been fun and rewarding.
Just keep me away from the shift knob section of the auto parts store!

I also did a number on the trunk.

This was a very low budget project. The console ($145), binnacle and glove box were purchased new
from RD Enterprises. (about $250 total)
Automotive naugahyde and foam from (about $60...54"x72" naugahyde...31"x82" foam)
ABS plastic sheet from Tap Plastics. ($8...2'x4')
Outdoor carpet  6'x8' for $25.
Shift boot was $10 from JC Whitney.

3M Automotive Contact Adhesive spray $5.
Total cost $355. Not having people cringe when they see my interior...PRICELESS!

Here are some notes on the crash pad.

Tip...foam is easily cut and shaped with an electric carving knife. Just don't tell Wifey. Outdoor carpet cuts easily with a good pair of scissors. Again don't tell.