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In keeping with being cheap, this windshield surround was made from  garage door
weatherstripping. Cut down to a proper width and applied with strong two-sided tape, it
hides the fossilized original seal.
Although not water tight, it looks better and I did not need to remove (and possibly
crack) the windshield.

thcomp  thwside

Wing mirrors are a very personal matter. Even on my Avenger GT12, I had Talbot mirrors. These are Talbot Juniors.
I prefer having them mounted out over the wheels only because I get a better view of what's around me while still
focusing on the road ahead.
I found that if you remove a cheap convex stick-on mirror from it's housing, it's a perfect fit for replacing the flat glass
in the Talbots. Gently pry out that white retaining ring (above photo right) and swap mirrors.

Battery in foam cavity lowers CG
then1 Firewall
dressed in ABS sheet to hide the Dynamat.
thpin  I got the Moroso quick release pins 1/4"X2".
 They work great. I probably could have used the 1/4X1.5", but I figured it's better to be too long than too short. I made a sleeve out of aluminum tubing to take up the slop where the pin goes
through the hood. Where the pin goes through the threaded bobbin in the body was
a perfect fit as is.
Summit Racing has them for about $25 a pair.
I love them. I can get the hood off in no time.
We don't need no stinkin' broomsticks!
Contoured prop feet slip into small slots.
For extreme vertical...hook to anchor prop on windless days only.
Electric fuel pump and pressure regulator for Weber 28/36 DCD.
thnose2Auxiliary  heater fan (controlled by ugly dash mountted switch), Talbot Jr mirrors, new turn signal lenses, radiator area sealed and dressed with sheet ABS..again.
Got so bored one day, I made a rain guard for the fan (as per factory update) after never being garaged for 38 years.
With my large hooves and the Europa's small foorwell, these Adidas/Goodyear driving shoes work very well.
After two years, I could see I was wearing out the carpet. $3 got me a 1'X3' sheet of ribbed rubber mat. Cut and glued in place.
Here's a personalized wiring diagram specific to this car, showing my modifications.
I ordered new tail light lens from the UK. It took 5 weeks to arrive. But the price was goodNew lens is red, orange, white.
Welcome to the 21st century. This is one of my favorite tools. A digital torque wrench. With your own socket and wrench, this little brick reads out torque.
I've seen many Europas on display with their front hoods open to an extreme angle. That can't be good for the hood. Here's my "proof of concept" for a hood stop. Yeah, it's some heater hose held in place by a screw. Looking for something more appropriate.